Planning a wedding is no small feat, but don’t lose sight in the fun of the big day by getting caught up in the little details. Your wedding isn’t as much about the invitations, the venue, or the photographer as it is about the love and commitment that you and your fiancé share and want to celebrate in front of friends and family. To take some of the stress off of your wedding catering, these are some wedding catering 101 tips. They will hopefully help to put your mind at ease. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime thing. So stop, smell the roses, and don’t get so caught up in perfection!

Here are some wedding catering 101 tips to get the maximum from your wedding caterer and your big day

  • Your relationship with your caterer is a partnership. It is your vision so communicate it. But be prepared for the caterer to help bring you back down to earth. Working together through good communication is what will make your wedding day shine!
  • Be honest and open about your budget. Our goal is to provide the wedding menu that you want through using money wisely. By providing us with a realistic budget, we can guide you prioritize and also pinpoint where we can save you money 
  • We won’t downgrade expectations to fit your budget. If you tell us how many people you expect, we won’t downgrade the amount of food and drink that your guests get to fit your budget. We want everyone to be full and happy. After all, both of our reputations are on the line!

Consider Non-Traditional Plans

  • If possible, choose a date that isn’t in peak season to get more for your money. A Friday or Sunday wedding might be less “traditional,” but no less elegant or enjoyable. But it will give you more money to work with.
  • You get what you pay for. If a caterer is charging more, it is typically because they are making things from scratch, using higher-end quality foods and not just heating up frozen ones. Some “bargain” foods are going to taste like a bargain, and that might not end up being what you want
  • There is no such thing as the perfect event. The more that you strive for perfection, the more you will be disappointed. The goal should be to entertain your guests and to have a great time, not to have a perfect wedding

Expect Lots of Questions!

  • There are so many questions that go into pricing a catered event, any caterer that gives you a set price without asking the right questions is going to miss out big time. And, if they do, it will probably end up costing you either in quality or overages. Be prepared for a caterer to have many questions for you, and if they don’t, that should be a red flag!

Our goal is to make your big day as close to your expectations as possible. By working together, we can create what you want and strive to put on an event that everyone will enjoy. So stop worrying about planning the perfect wedding, and start enjoying the time you have from now until your first dance. 

It should be an exciting time, not an overwhelming one. Catering by the Deft Chef is committed to making not just your wedding amazing, but the time leading up to it filled with joy too. Contact us today so we can start planning your Augusta or Aiken wedding together!

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