And you thought that the wedding planning was going to be tough! After you set a budget for your venue, the catering, the music, the photographer and everything else, there is one small detail that you might have missed: the rehearsal dinner. There was a time when it was customary for the bride’s parent’s to pay for the wedding and the grooms to pick up the rehearsal dinner tab. But with many getting married later, and after being out of the house and on their own, young couples are feeling the sting of paying for both events. The rehearsal dinner is a build up to your big day, not a time to go over the top. To ensure that you stay within reason and don’t go overboard, keep these tips for the rehearsal dinner in mind.

Keep it Low-Key

A rehearsal dinner was traditionally a way for friends and family to celebrate after they rehearse their roles for the wedding day. Since it is just friends and family, don’t try too hard to impress them. They are just happy to be sharing your big day with you. Keep the menu light, and the cost even lighter. If you try to make both days spectacular, you are going to spread yourself too thin.

Consider Doing it at Home

Although having a rehearsal dinner at a restaurant might sound a whole lot easier, it can get super expensive. If you have it at your home, you can tailor the cost by choosing a menu that is within your price range. The caterer will do all the work, so all you have to worry about is showing up. Also, if you have it at home, you don’t have to worry about driving anywhere or who is going to ride with whom. You will be home, and in bed, in time to get your beauty sleep too!

Pass the Plate

Instead of doing the traditional sit-down style dinner for your rehearsal dinner, consider doing it more casual. Family-style dinners are perfect for, well, your family. It is also way more economical! Although, don’t think that a family-style meal can’t be just as classy. If you work closely with your caterer to find out what style you want to convey, they can find a perfect menu to match it!

Let Someone Else Clean Up

If you are worried about the mess of having it at home, hire a cleaning service. After the dinner is over, bring someone in to clean it up. After all, you will want to return to a clean and polished home once you are husband and wife anyway. When all the planning and celebrating are done, having a clean slate to come home to will be a much-appreciated gift to one another!

Planning a wedding can be super overwhelming when you start to consider all the many things you have to do outside of the actual big day. Don’t make your budget and yourself more stressed by making too big of a deal over your wedding rehearsal dinner. After all, it is just your close friends and family, and all they really want is some time to reconnect and have an intimate celebration, pre-celebration. So try to focus more on time spent than money, and don’t go overboard by using these tips for the rehearsal dinner in mind! For more great wedding ideas and advice, check out Catering by the Deft Chef today!

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