Although winter might not be as bright and airy as spring, it is also not as hot and smoldering as South Carolina summers. That is why a winter wedding is ideal! If you are planning your winter wedding menu, going with the comfort in comfort-food is key. Having fresh and enticing produce to adorn your wedding reception table will make your wedding spectacular, so buy from local farmers. What is in season for winter you ask? Try these local winter wedding menu items that taste even better than they look!

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts are in their peak season of ripeness as the winter months turn to spring. There are a ton of ways that you can turn regular brussel sprouts into a delicacy. With local produce farmers abundant around the Augusta and Aiken area, finding them right on the stalk is easy to do. And for a winter wedding menu, freshness is the key. You can sauté them whole or make a puree with them. Their unique flavor plays off of a ton of entrees like beef tenderloin.


Carrot crops are best during the months of October through May and they are used in some of our favorite recipes. The key to using carrots for your menu are picking them right before they are about to mature. When you harvest them early, they have a sweet quality that compliments other seasonal vegetables and herbs. And the piercing bright orange is a show stopper at the table!


Chard is a Southern favorite with reason! A stalk of chard burns bright with dark green hues and no lack of unique flavor adds to any great winter wedding menu. The red stems of the chard make for a great accent of color to any plate. Although when it is uncooked, it tends to be a bit bitter, when you heat it to perfection, the bitterness gives way to some amazing flavors. Chard is similar to collard greens, which are another favorite in the south, but they have a flavor all their own.


Leeks are a great addition to different types of winter dishes. They work nicely in soups, they are fantastic for pastas and risottos, or they can be used to infuse a bit of flavor into stock. Leeks are similar to onions, but they aren’t as “biting,” which makes them an excellent choice for pre-dinner kissing.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a perfect choice for your winter wedding menu. They have the consistency of a potato, so they are starchy. But they are slightly sweeter and give a little more uniqueness to any recipe. Whether you want to mash them or cut them for french fries, sweet potatoes are just an excellent vegetable to add texture! And their orange-brown color makes any plate look warmer and inviting.

The key to creating the best winter wedding menu is finding produce that is in season. To create the best dishes to delight your guests, be open to different foods that aren’t traditional, to add a unique flair and taste to your wedding dinner plate. For more great winter wedding menu ideas, contact Catering by the Deft Chef today!

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