Can you just feel it? If you can’t, your allergies certainly can! Spring is on its way to South Carolina! With spring comes warmer temperatures, which makes it a perfect time to hold your wedding or catered event. Before the hot and humid weather of summer comes to fruition, take advantage of the great outdoors for your party! With so many things brewing, these are some ideas to maximize the beauty of your event, use fresh flavors, and enjoy the great outdoors. These spring catering ideas will wow your guests and make it an affair to remember!

Ideas for Spring Beverages

Although the winter wasn’t too terrible, springtime breathes new life into just about everything. If you are catering a wedding, a corporate get together, or a birthday party, keep it light and fresh. Use beverages, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic, with fresh fruits, exotic tastes, and spring colors galore! Spirits make the spirit of your event, so choose them wisely. Beverages aren’t just an accessory; in the spring, they can make the entire event!

Appetizers for a Spring Fling

Spring is a time for fresh vegetables and fruits. The hottest growing trend in catering is using farm fresh produce and meats, and your spring event certainly calls for the freshest. To make your appetizers highly appetizing, let us create new concoctions with flare, just a hint of heat, and a rainbow of colors. After all, appetizers are the first introduction that your guests have to your elegant spring menu, so really let them shine.

Entrees for Spring

Springtime calls for a light menu, but you also don’t want your guests to go away hungry! Light doesn’t equal boring, not enough, or uncreative. We strive to use the best of the season to make your entree plate come alive. It isn’t just about the amazing taste of the full plates we create; it is also about their beauty, their vibrant colors, and blending things together to make them spectacular. We understand that catering is about more than cooked food. Each meal we make we do so wanting it to be the best we’ve ever created!

Spring Catering Desserts

Ah, and the dessert table! Spring is a great time to maximize nature’s sugar with fruits from around South Carolina. From cheesecake to homemade coconut cake, we make our desserts from scratch with the best that the spring has to grow. But with the sugar sweetness, we also know that the textures of cold are key. So, what is your favorite? If you can dream it, we can make it!

Springtime in South Carolina is quite arguably the best season there is. As the cold weather rushes out the warm weather is just the right temperature to enjoy the great outdoors. If you plan to have a spring catered event, now is a time to start your planning! Contact us today to save your date and to start working on all the amazing spring catering ideas we have in store!

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