Fads come and go, and wedding ideas are no different. If you want to try some unique and fun new ways to throw yours, consider these trendy wedding catering ideas that are outside of the “every day” and debunk the traditional “musts” of wedding receptions. These new trends are catered to the guests and seek to make your special day that much more special! You don’t have to follow the status quo, rather choose those things that will make you, and everyone else, smile! These are the latest ideas for wedding catering in Augusta!

Beef or Chicken no Longer a “Thing”

Back in the day, guests would usually have two menu options to choose from, beef or chicken. Today’s wedding caterers in Augusta are making more exotic meals and using different proteins like fish and venison. The idea is to take something that people don’t usually eat and make it the centerpiece of your wedding menu!

Late Night Food a Must

As the night wears on, most of the guests will start to get a little hungry. It has almost become commonplace to serve food throughout a wedding reception. To accommodate those who are late night eaters, having bite-size snacks keeps people dancing longer. It also ensures that people aren’t drinking on an empty stomach, which helps to keep everyone safe well into the evening hours!

Stylistic Presentation

A wedding menu is not just about the food and tastes anymore; they are a part of the whole wedding presentation. Making food a part of the ambiance instead of just something to feed the masses adds a little uniqueness and a “custom” fare. For instance, our shrimp and grits buffet served in cocktail glasses is as cool looking as it is delicious tasting. We work with couples to create an overall “look” to match their style and character.

Out of the Ordinary Venues

One of the hottest trends for spring is out of the ordinary venues. Brides and grooms are no longer beholden to using the same old wedding venues and restaurants to house their reception. Just about anything goes if you can find a wedding caterer in Augusta who is willing to take your food on the go. Have your wedding in Hitchcock Woods or Hopeland Gardens right out in the open. Or, have us cater your backyard event. We are happy to set your wedding up anywhere that is special to you.

Weddings in past decades, all followed the same “traditional” wedding ideas and menu creations. But brides and grooms nowadays are looking for a custom feel and pushing the boundaries to create something spectacular. We offer the best wedding catering in Augusta and will work closely with our couples to make sure that their special day is as special and unique as they want it. Since dates are booking up quickly, contact us today to save yours.

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