You want your big day to be just as you planned. But you probably never imagined that there would be so many questions to answer. If you are looking for a wedding caterer in Augusta, you might be confused by all the various services that some caterers provide. There are disadvantages and advantages to all of them depending on what your budget looks like, how much involvement you want the caterer to have, and what the venue you choose allows. These are the different types of services that your wedding catering in Augusta might have to offer.

Food Only

If you are a couple on a strict budget, then this option is the least costly. But you do need to remember that the price is for “food only”. It excludes more than just a bar, which can sometimes be confusing. If you choose a caterer in Augusta who provides food-only services, you will be responsible for things like your linens, tables and chairs, and dinnerware. You will also need to hire servers and a bartender if you choose to serve alcohol. And don’t forget that purchasing the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will also be on you.

Food, Drink, and Serving

When a caterer offers food, drink, and serving as a part of your catering contract, that means that the only responsibilities that will be yours are the tables and chairs, the dinnerware, and the linens. Although it is slightly more expensive, not having to hire people or to purchase alcohol is a huge advantage. And it will save you a whole lot of wedding day stress.

In-House Catering

If you have already chosen your venue, then it might provide in-house catering. Places like hotels, special event facilities, and country clubs often offer in-house service. The only thing that will probably not be included in an in-house catering service is the wedding cake. Although there are times when that will be included as well, it is best to confirm. Sometimes catering in-house is preferred because caterers know the ins and outs of the facility. And because the staff takes care of pretty much everything. But it does mean that your option of menu items might be limited. Or that the style of food might not be as unique as you would like.

Full-Service Catering

Full-service catering is when the caterer takes care of everything for your wedding including music, photographers, flowers, etc.. It is the most expensive of the options available. If you use a full-service catering company, however, your options might be limited to their vendors. So although it is less hassle for you, it also means less creative license and choices to make it the wedding you’ve always dreamed.

Outside of these four options is the most important one, finding the best wedding caterer in Augusta who cares, is there to cater to you, and who has a demonstrated reputation. At Catering by the Deft Chef, we understand that this is your big day and seek to make sure that it is everything you’ve ever dreamed. Contact us today to discuss how much or how little we can be involved to plan your wedding.

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