With spring in the air, you might be feeling like everyone in the office has ditched out. A catered corporate lunch is just the thing to get everyone’s head back in the game and shake spring fever! Well-fed bellies lead to more productivity, a positive feeling, and mood enhancement. So for the small cost of a corporate catered lunch in Augusta, you get an office overhaul! These are all the ways in which corporate catering can boost office morale

Increase Energy Levels

When you eat, your energy level increases. By having a catered lunch, you ensure that even those who don’t want to leave the office get enough nutrition to carry well into the afternoon. If you know your employees are working overtime, replenish their stomachs and their souls by showing them you care with some much-needed calories. And since you can control the menu, find something healthy. A healthy employee is a happy one!

Increase Positive Feelings

It is hard to concentrate on work when the sun is shining and inviting outdoors. Make your employees feel less captive to their office role by having an outdoor picnic. Sure, you might be losing a little bit of time by letting everyone take the time off, but what you will gain in positivity can’t be measured. Once they get their bellies full and their vitamin D from being outdoors, they will be ready to hop right back into work. And, they will be more focused on the task at hand too!

Build Loyalty

What do employees want more than anything? They want to feel as if they are appreciated for what they do. What better way is there to say “Thanks” than to order lunch just to see them smile. Your workers give you so much of their time and handwork, show them you care by doing something for them. A corporate catered lunch in Augusta is a perfect way to make your employees feel as if you are investing in them the way that they do you!

You Can Write it Off

Sure corporate catering is expensive, but the good news is that you can write it off. So it is a win-win scenario for everyone. You get all the positive benefits from feeding the masses, and you can deduct it on your taxes, so it really doesn’t end up being too expensive after all!

With spring in the air, you might be having a hard time keeping everyone on track and motivated. There is no better way to get everyone’s head back in the game than hiring a corporate caterer in Augusta like Catering by the Deft Chef. The small cost of bringing your employees lunch will come back to you tenfold. And it will also make your workplace a much happier and healthy environment! Contact us today to create a great menu for your catered lunch.

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