Your wedding day is probably one that you have planned your entire life, but now that the real planning is here. And you might be finding out that things are a little more expensive than you had imagined. If you want to throw a wedding on a budget and stay within your means, then try these ways to cut costs that won’t sacrifice the stunning beauty of your big day.

Avoid Bloating the Guest List

When you start to plan your wedding, it is not uncommon to see your guest list grow out of control. The reality is that you can’t invite everyone, nor do you want to. Try not to invite people out of obligation. The fewer people you ask, the more intimate it will be, and the less costly it will become. Stick with close friends and family, and then your guests will also get more of your time and attention.

Hold the Ceremony at Home or Outdoors

With the warm weather upon us, now is a perfect time to plan your ceremony outside. Having your nuptials outside will not only save you money if you choose a particular place; it will mean more, and you can have the scenery that you want. Since Augusta weather can be highly unpredictable, make sure to have a backup plan just in case.

Be Your Own Florist

If there is one thing that Aiken and Augusta’s residents don’t have to look far for its flowers, instead of hiring an expensive florist, do it yourself. Simple is best, and all you really need is a splash of color on the table and a bouquet for the bridesmaids. Thanks to Pinterest, there are a ton of great ideas to use everyday items to decorate that look just as fantastic as having a professional florist do it.

Prioritize and Do What Makes You Happy!

We have all been at those weddings where everything is done to the nines. But what did you take away from the wedding when you left? Surely it wasn’t that the place cards cost a fortune or that there were take-home bags for everyone. If you had a good time, it was because the wedding couple did. So don’t stress out so much about spending money needlessly on things that you think you need to have. It is your big day, so do what makes you happy. And there is nothing joyous about being in debt once the honeymoon is over!

Stock the Bar Yourself

Instead of having a wedding caterer in Augusta bring the alcoholic drinks for your reception, stock the bar yourself. It is far less expensive for you to BYOB than to have a service do it for you. And if you want to, you can get super creative and festive with your drink selection too!

Hire a Wedding Caterer in Augusta Who Will Work Within Your Budget

To throw a wedding on a budget, hire a wedding caterer who will tailor a menu that will be within your price range, but that won’t lack quality. A creative chef can work within your means and still create some amazing dishes to wow your guests.

We know that you want your big day to be the day you’ve always dreamed of. And we also know that it doesn’t mean that you have to walk away in debt. At Catering by the Deft Chef, we work closely with our wedding couples to come up with a menu that is both delicious and within their price range. We understand how to throw a wedding on a budget! Contact us today to reserve the date!

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