Wedding season is in full swing, and if you are finding that planning a wedding is a bit more expensive than you had budgeted for, fear not. There are some really simple ways to cut the costs for your big day. And the best part about these DIY wedding tips is that they not only won’t take away from the elegance of your wedding; they will add to it. These small changes are a great way to add a little bit of “you” in your wedding planning, and also to save yourself from being in debt after the wedding guests have all gone home!

Ask for Wedding Help Instead of Gifts

Sure, China is nice. But the reality is that most people rarely use it anymore. Consider your wedding invite list carefully. If you have someone who is a great musician, ask them to perform instead of hiring someone. Or, if you know that someone can design elegant invitations, ask if they would be willing to help. It is much better not to have a tab after the wedding is over than to have a whole lot of gifts that you might or might not need!

Hold Your Wedding Outdoors

One of the best reasons to live in Augusta and Aiken is the weather, and the beautiful flowers abound. Make good use of nature and hold your ceremony outside instead of renting a church or venue. It will add a little uniqueness to your ceremony, and it will also cut costs without sacrificing. If you choose a special place that you and your partner love, then it will make it that much more special to you both and everyone else.

One of the Best DIY Wedding Tips…Be Your own Florist

Again, nothing is more abundant in Aiken and Augusta than things blooming. Why hire an expensive florist when all you need is all around you. Make your own bouquets from Camilas and your table arrangements with simplicity. When it comes to elegance, less really is more. And spending less, also means that you will have more when you begin your life together.

Make Your own Music

Don’t buy into the notion that you have to hire a DJ when you have all the music you could possibly need on your mobile device. Instead of hiring someone, borrow some stereo equipment or bring your own. Let partygoers choose their favorite songs, or even have karaoke available. If you provide the music, then everyone will get a chance to participate. And that makes for a much more memorable experience.

Wedding Rings are About the Commitment

Instead of buying the most expensive ring for your wedding ring, remember that it is just a symbol of your commitment. And that commitment doesn’t need to be fancy, just honest and real. Don’t spend a whole lot on your wedding rings. If at some time you choose to upgrade, that is an excellent way to hold a recommitment ceremony down the line, together.

You want your big day to be spectacular, and it will be regardless of how much you spend. If the food is good, the music is joyous, and you are less stressed about the cost, then everyone will have a wonderful time. Doing things yourself or asking friends and family for help is an excellent way to involve everyone in your big day. It will also ensure that when the nuptials have been said; you aren’t left in debt to begin your new life together. Catering by the Deft Chef is committed to providing you the most delicious food for your big day, at a budget you can afford. Contact us today to make your wedding the day you have always dreamed of and for more DIY wedding tips.

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