If you haven’t already seen, I have been nominated for “Aiken’s Best Chef 2019” by the Aiken Standard. Not to toot my own horn, but I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to vote for me. Since I don’t work for a restaurant in Aiken, I might not be as well known. But as anyone who has ever tasted my cooking can attest to, I am a clear choice!

I am Professionally Trained

I didn’t just say I wanted to become a chef and hit the kitchen with an “open” sign. After worked tirelessly for years, perfecting and training I became the chef that I am today. It takes a combination of experience and classical training to be number one!

I can Cook Everything to Perfection

When I cater an event, my clients are not bound by just a list of what is on the menu! I have the experience and training to cook every type of cuisine to perfection! Although my favorite type of cuisine is Cajun, I can make even a hamburger a taste experience you will never forget!

There are no Other Cooks in my Kitchen

My food is served fresh and hot by me! I don’t have a whole bunch of cooks helping me from one end to the next. I am a solo man in the kitchen. Sure, I have some helpers, but they don’t just take my recipes and copy what I do. I do it all!

I Would Really Appreciate it

Most importantly, I love my clients. And a vote from y’all means that I am doing my job and making people happy. My catering business might be just that, a business. But I found out a long time ago that you really do have to love what you do for a living and put your heart and soul into it. When I go to work in the morning, I am happy to be there. And I am also happy to be doing what I love. So I would appreciate a vote from you, mostly because it would be a signal that you love my cooking as much as I love cooking it!

It’s a small town, but if you haven’t heard just yet, I have been nominated “Aiken’s Best Chef 2019”. And I would really appreciate a vote from you, mostly because it says I am doing the job I hope I am. If you need catering this summer, please contact Catering by the Deft Chef today to save the date. Our calendar is filling up quickly, and we want to make sure to make your event as spectacular as you want it!

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