You want your day to be just as amazing as you’ve always dreamed. And quite arguably the biggest take away that people will have of your special day is the quality of the meal that you serve to your wedding guests. But how do you chose your wedding menu to please everyone? While it might not be possible to make everyone happy, if you consider these factors, you can come close!

Size of Your Guest List

One crucial factor in choosing your wedding menu is the size of your guest list. If you’re having an intimate affair, then splurging on your wedding cuisine might be a way to make a huge impression. But in the end, you want to choose a menu that will fit your budget. So take into account how many mouths you have to feed to stay within your means.

Seasonal Choices

Nothing tastes better than fresh, seasonal, foods. As summer approaches, consider using local vegetables and fruits. Not only will they be bursting with flavor; they will have the hues to make your special occasion that much more special. Work with your Augusta caterer to find a menu that will showcase the best of what is in season in Aiken and Augusta.

Serving Style

One thing that will factor into your wedding menu is the type of serving style that you choose. Buffet style weddings are awesome for a more casual medium to large wedding, whereas a plated meal might be more appropriate for a smaller, more classic venue. Both styles can range in price significantly. But once you choose which one you want, coming up with a food choice to fit will be easier.


If you have a specific theme for your wedding, then the menu is a perfect place to showcase it! Bright and airy wedding styles should show off your whimsical side with food that is more creative and eclectic. Those choosing an elegant black-tie affair might want to stick with traditional beef or chicken offerings. The good news is that we can cater to your style with perfection, whatever mood you wish to create.

Dietary Restrictions

Although you might not be able to cater to everyone’s needs, if you have someone you’ve invited who is a key member to your big day, working their dietary restrictions into the menu should not change the overall quality or appeal. An experienced Augusta caterer, like the Deft Chef, can work with substitutions to accommodate your needs.

The Caterer’s Specialty

If you have a hard time choosing what type of cuisine you want to serve, consider picking your caterer first and then working with their specialty and experience. Hiring an Aiken caterer who has years of training and experience has its perks. They can make suggestions that you might not have thought of. And they can create a unique menu for your affair.

Now that the date is set, and you have your venue, comes the hard part; choosing the menu. But if you use an Augusta caterer like the Deft Chef, finding a perfect menu for your big day will be that much less overwhelming. Since we can cook every type of cuisine, not only to match your tastes but also your budget. So you can choose your wedding menu with ease! To discuss your upcoming wedding contact us today!

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