It is your big day, and although there are traditional “musts” you have to include in your ceremony, the reception is all about you. So instead of coloring within the same wedding reception lines, do it your way. To make your wedding day colorful, try these top wedding ideas to make your day unique. Remember, after you cut the cake, and open the gifts, what you and your guests will carry in their hearts isn’t the placement card design. It will be the treasure of knowing that you did things your way and enjoyed your wedding the best way possible.

Serve a “Signature Cocktail”

A signature cocktail is something that you offer as one-of-a-kind. And is not only an extension of your fun-loving; but also of your reception. When guests arrive, have a signature drink ready and waiting to let the good times roll. Once wedding guests have arrived, set up a cocktail station for those who want to add a little pizzaz to their cup. Or, create a bar that has a theme with your favorite flavors. Whether it is something native to where you come from, or good old taste of the south, give your cocktail a cute couple name, and guests can drink to the two of you!

Switch up the Seating

Don’t argue over who has to sit next to Aunt Gracie, mix things up, and make the seating fun and engaging. Instead of having traditional tables, do long tables, and make it feel more like a family gathering. When you make tables more inclusive, everyone feels a part of your celebration. And you aren’t left with the table that has been sequestered to the back of the room. Also, name your tables for a “cute” factor, and put table names decorated on posters instead of escort cards. Not only is it eco-friendly; it adds a more casual and inclusive feel.

Go a Different Route With the Registry

As many as 78 percent of couples live together before they tie the knot, with 52 percent of them living together for two or more years prenuptial. During that time, you have probably accumulated all the plates, linens, and other items that are traditionally on the registry. Consider mixing things up and put other things on your registry like hiking materials, if that is what you love to do together. Or, add items that you know your spouse will love. You can even have guests donate to your favorite charity in your name. A charitable donation in your new combined name is a great way to commemorate your big day, and also to make a difference in the world around you.

Serve Dinner the Way you Want

Don’t buy the notion that you have to do things traditionally. The wedding feast is your celebration, so do it just the way you would like. If you want a more casual feel, consider doing a family-style menu. Or, if you want people to be up and engaging with one another, consider a buffet. You aren’t beholden to having a plated chicken or beef menu. Meet with your Augusta wedding caterer and devise a menu theme that is all about your wants, tastes, and desires. It is your first meal as husband and wife, so have it the way you want.

Get Married Anywhere you Choose

Instead of choosing a church wedding, get married where you want. The ceremony is about combining your lives and committing to one another together forever. So hold it in a special locale that means something to you. If you aren’t from the same hometown, go neutral and have a destination wedding somewhere off-site. Your vows are for the two of you, and your guests will travel to enjoy them wherever you choose to go.

Choose a Dress That Suits you

Wedding dresses can be cumbersome and restricting. If you aren’t a fancy wedding dress type, you don’t have to be. Choose wedding attire that suits you best. Your spouse-to-be doesn’t want you to walk down the aisle looking all stiff and uncomfortable. So remember when you are choosing a dress for your big day, it is just that, your big day. You will look beautiful no matter what you wear because your joy will shine through.

Use a Themed Menu

Make the menu of your wedding reception about your personal style and tastes. If you are a Cajun lover, then have it. Or, do a Hawaiian theme and have a pig roast. Choose an Augusta caterer who can cook whatever you want to perfection. And one who will work to design a menu that is uniquely you.

There are certain traditions that you might want to incorporate into your wedding reception. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do things your way. It is your big day, so celebrate it the way you want. These are just some of the many top wedding ideas to make your day unique. After the vows are said and the commitment is made, you want to have a lasting and loving memory of the day you said, “I do”. For more great wedding tip ideas, check out the Deft Chef today! And contact us to save your date and to start creating a menu that is all “you”.

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