It’s your big day, and you want it not only to go off without a hitch but also to ensure that it is as memorable as possible. The key to your impending nuptials is the reception. And making it spectacular is about covering all of your basis. These are the secret wedding reception musts to keep everyone happy and to start your new life of bliss off to a great start.

Be Creative With Your Seating Arrangement

Not everyone at your reception is going to know everyone else. Or, there might be an occasion where certain personality styles clash. Be mindful of where you place people so that no one feels left out. No one wants to be in the sequestered spot next to the bathroom with a bunch of people they don’t know. If possible, try to make your seating arrangements as inclusive and fun as possible. Think carefully before you place people next to one another for everyone’s sake.

Keep Your Toasts Short

Your groomsmen, the father of the bride, and the maid of honor might have some really great inside stories to tell. But after a while, all of those toasts can start to feel intrusive. Make sure that everyone knows to keep it short and sweet. Storytime can happen while dinner is being served. But your Augusta wedding caterer doesn’t want the food getting cold while people are talking on and on.

Plan for Kids

If you are going to allow for kids at your reception, they are not just an afterthought. As any parent knows, when a child is happy, the world smiles. But when they are unhappy, no one will be smiling. Have little crafts or cute things planned while children are waiting for dinner. And you might even want to make a “child’s” table that is slightly out of the way so they can enjoy the party, but not kill the life of it. Games, coloring books, and toys are an excellent way to keep idle hands, and mouths, busy.

Make Your First Dance Engaging

Not many guests will want to be the first people out on the dance floor. Make your first dance together as husband and wife intoxicating. If you look like you are having a blast, then the rest of the room will enjoy it too. And they will also be more likely to kick their heels up. You don’t have to take a dance class, just let loose and enjoy your first dance as a couple.

Offer a Food Station or Two

Instead of having a plated, sit-down style wedding consider having interactive food stations that allow your guests to take what they want. Allowing people to get up and move around will make for a more engaging reception. And people like to be in control of what they chose to put on their dinner plates. You and your Aiken wedding caterer can have a good time planning some exotic stations to entice your guests and keep them smiling.

Choose Your Music Carefully

You might enjoy techno music, but your grandfather might not. If you want to ensure that everyone enjoys your reception, play music that everyone will enjoy. Whether you hire a band or a DJ, make sure that they have a wide range of music in their repertoire to get everyone out on the dance floor cutting a rug. Good music is a wedding reception must for a good time! 

Have Band Break Music

Nothing is worse than finally reaching your groove and having the band cut you off by taking a break. Have some music standby for when the band takes a break, or even if the show continues to go on long after the band has wrapped it up. It is totally acceptable to take your own playlist and speakers to keep everyone jamming all night long.

You only have one shot at making your reception a one you have always dreamed of. These are wedding reception musts to make your big day as much fun and as memorable as possible. For more great wedding reception tips, check out Catering by the Deft Chef today! And make sure to reserve your wedding date, both the summer and the fall calendar are filling up quickly!

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