Weddings typically follow a specific series of events. You get engaged, you plan the wedding, and then you go through the routine to tie the knot. But things have changed a lot over the past couple of years. Having a spectacular wedding is all about going outside the norm and creating memories to carry forever. It isn’t just about the guests or the “I dos;” it is about putting your own personal “stamp” on your wedding nuptials. These wedding day ideas will wow the crowd and keep the memories of your beautiful day alive forever.

Hire a Live Wedding Painter or Caricature

Everyone knows that the best way to capture your big day to relive over and over is by filming it and getting as many pictures as you can. But one other way to commemorate your big day is to hire a live wedding painter. Have a local artist paint the majesty of the ceremony. Or, if you want to add a little “fun” to your reception, have a caricaturist on standby. Your guests will absolutely love having their picture drawn, and it will definitely keep everyone laughing and lively.

Make Personalized Coasters

When the night has ended, and the band is done playing, usually what is leftover are random glasses half full everywhere. To help your wedding party guests remember which cocktail was their’s, have personalized coasters printed for everyone. That way, when they go out dancing, their drink will be fresh and waiting. And when the night is over, it is a cute take home for them to use over and again.

Make to-go Boxes for Your Guests

You and your Augusta wedding caterer went through a lot of time preparing and planning the wedding menu. Don’t let a bit of it go to waste. Have to-go boxes for people to take food home and enjoy the next day. Not only is it a green way to go; your guests will appreciate getting to take some awesomeness home to enjoy in the morning. Or, if the party goes late, they will have a late night snack to fill them up!

Create Do Not Disturb Signs for Guests From out of Town

If you are having an Aiken destination wedding and asking guests to come for a visit, give them a little extra TLC by providing them with a “do not disturb” sign to hang on their door. A destination wedding in Aiken is a great way for everyone to have a romantic getaway! It is surely something that people will appreciate the night after cutting a rug when they wish to sleep it off!

Create Mad Lib RSVP Cards

As a kid, you probably loved filling in Mad Libs. And you will love them just as much, if not more, as an adult! Create an imaginative reservation Mad Lib card where your wedding party and guests can add a little fun and sarcasm to your big day. Not only will it be exciting to get an RSVP card saying “yes,” every time an RSVP card comes in; you can enjoy what your soon-to-be guests have filled them in with!

It’s your big day, and although there might be some traditions that you simply can’t break; there are plenty that you can create on your own. Putting a little bit of “cute” into your wedding will engage everyone. And it will also be something a little outside of the ordinary. These unique wedding day ideas are an excellent way to inject a little more “you” into your nuptials. For more wedding day ideas, check out Catering by the Deft Chef today. And while there, make sure to reserve your date. The fall calendar is filling up quickly!

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