Getting married seems pretty simple. Someone asks you, you say “yes,” and then you both say “I do”. Easy enough right? Well, not really. In between the “yes” and the “I do” comes a whole lot of planning that can be both stressful and expensive. The key to keeping your wedding costs low is not to overestimate how much food you need for your reception. But in the same respect, you have to order enough so that no one leaves hungry! So if you are wondering “how much food do I need to cater my wedding” there are some guides to help you cut costs while still having enough to go around.


RSVP seems like a lost art, which is kind of ridiculous with all the ways that there are to reply instantly. When you send out your invitations, stress that in order to make sure that everyone has enough to eat, a reservation is needed. Having a stamped envelope is a good idea, but also give people other ways to respond like sending out an EVITE along with the invitation or allowing people to text “yes” or “no”. The more ways that you give people to respond, the more likely they will do so.

Consider What you are Serving

Another way to gauge how much food you need to feed the masses is to think about what type of cuisine you are serving. If you are doing a buffet, it can sometimes be harder than a plated dinner where portions are set. A good guideline to follow is:

  • 6-8 ounces per person if you are serving a main entree
  • 4-6 ounces for each side dish you serve
  • 1 cup of salad per person
  • 6-8 appetizers per person, per hour
  • 1-2 rolls per person

Hire the Right Augusta Caterer

The good news is that although your career is not planning a wedding, a caterer’s job is. If you work closely with an experienced Augusta caterer and provide the guest list, they can help to calculate how much you need. And they can also help to cut down on waste and ensure that everyone is fed well. But experience is important. Not all caterers know how to anticipate how much food is needed. And if you find one that doesn’t calculate it correctly, you can have some pretty hungry guests or a huge doggy bag to take with you on your honeymoon.

Estimating how much food you will need to feed your wedding guests is not easy, especially if people don’t RSVP. That is why it is so critical to hire a professional Augusta wedding caterer with the experience necessary to calculate things correctly. So if you are asking “how much food do I need to cater my wedding,” hire a professional to help. To ensure that you have enough, but not too much food at your reception, and the best food ever, contact Catering by the Deft Chef today. We help to take the guesswork out of ordering food to make everyone at your wedding happy and full!

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