I get a lot of calls from nervous brides who feel rushed to put a budget together. And their first question is, “How much does wedding catering cost?”. As frustrating as it makes people to hear my answer, I can only tell them one thing, “It depends.” Wedding catering is not a one-size-fits-all for all types of weddings, venues, and styles. There are times when a plated dinner will be more expensive than a buffet-style and vice versa. And any wedding caterer in Augusta who can give you an exact price is one that you should probably avoid.

Tips to Budgeting Your Wedding Catering Cost

Although I can’t give brides a quote for their wedding dinner over the phone, there are some tips that they can use to adjust their budget and get everything they want.

Make List of Priorities

That old saying, “you can’t always get what you want,” unfortunately, applies to the cost of wedding catering. If you have an endless amount of money to spend, then don’t stress about the small details. But most of the brides and grooms who come to me are looking for the most delicious food at the lowest cost. Figuring out what they value most about the food they serve at their wedding and going down the list of priorities, is an excellent way to cut wedding catering costs!

Decide What Overall Feel you Want for Your Wedding

Couples often assume that a plated dinner will always cost more than buffet-style, but that is simply not always the case. So don’t gauge what you would like to serve your guests based on the assumption that buffet-style is always less expensive. If you work with your caterer in Augusta, you can find a suitable way to get what you want at a price you can afford. There are many ways to adjust a menu to fit the style of your wedding, while also cutting costs. Don’t sacrifice the feel of your special night when you don’t have to!

The Wedding Catering Will Usually Grow With Your Budget

If you call a wedding caterer and give them a price you would like to pay first, the budget will likely grow to meet the price you gave them. Caterers are business people like any other, and they want to deliver what their couples have asked for. If you give them a budget, nine times out of ten, they can accommodate it, but that isn’t always a good thing. If you don’t ask the important questions, that can mean that they will skimp on one thing or another. And if they do without you knowing, it could end in dissatisfaction on your part. It is best to sit down with a caterer and express what your priorities are. Let them present a price. And if it is more than you want to spend, work TOGETHER to find a happy medium where you understand where the costs are being cut.

You can Have Your Cake and eat it too…If you Plan Smart

The good news is, as the Deft Chef, I am pretty creative and can work without your constraints to help deliver the meal you want at a price that you can afford. After all, the last thing you want to do is finish cutting the cake and begin paying down the high debt you financed for your one-day wedding. Together we can devise a menu, a style, and a dinner that will exceed both you and your guests, expectations!

Our fall dates are booking up quickly, so if you have a wedding or special event that you would like to have catered, make sure to reserve it! We would love to work with you to make your special day that much more special, and EXACTLY what you want. Contact us today to discuss what your wedding catering will cost.

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