The hottest trend in home cooking is meal delivery service in Aiken. They are highly convenient, and they offer nutritious ingredients in the right amounts that come directly to your door. If you have tried them, however, what you have probably noticed is that they don’t come without their own drawbacks. Our new to go gourmet solution is a much better one to serve your family tonight! These are just five reasons to unsubscribe your meal delivery service and come on by tonight!

1. We are way More Eco-Friendly

However nice it is to have your meal show up at your front door; it does come at an expense. The packaging that is required to get your meals shipped has a huge carbon footprint on the environment. Meal delivery services try to make it as green as possible, but what you are left with, once you unpack, is a heaping mess of boxes, ice inserts and other materials that will likely end up in a landfill. Our meals are packaged and ready to go. And they don’t waste so much packing materials, which makes picking them up a small price to pay.

2. You get to Choose

Sure, delivery services give you an option of two or three meals a week. But once you order them, you don’t have a choice when they show up on your doorstep if you just don’t feel like it. When you stop into Grice’s Butcher Shop to grab a gourmet to go, you get to choose what’s for dinner. There is more than one choice to pick from, so you know you will be in the mood to eat what you bring home!

3. It is Economical

Meal delivery services are a great idea because they cut down on having to buy all the ingredients to make a recipe. But the delivery component makes them high-priced. It might be one extra step to carry out our gourmet to-go meals, but it is much more cost-effective. That means you can afford to take home more meals to feed your family at a lesser cost.

4. You Know Where They Come From Unlike a Meal Delivery Service in Aiken

Our gourmet to-go meals are all prepared in our kitchen and with our partner’s most amazing high-quality meats. When you order from a meal delivery company, there is no way to ensure what the warehouse conditions are like or who is packaging your food. You can be assured that all of the ingredients are fresh, of the highest quality, and prepared in our wonderful local kitchen!

5. We Like to Switch Things up

Because we aren’t a huge delivery service, we can get a bit more creative with our menus and gauge peoples’ favorites. Our meals are all prepared with love and the desire to provide a taste sensation that you can’t get anywhere else. We aren’t a prepackaged company that wants to keep costs low as priority number one. We are a local business who cares about the satisfaction of our customers as our greatest guide. And we always welcome suggestions and feedback, not to corporate, but to the chef personally. 

Meal delivery services are quite arguably one of the greatest convenience to answer the question “what’s for dinner?” But, going local is always best! Our meals are pre-prepared and ready to go, so you can choose what you want; when you want it. They are also a much better economical and eco-friendly choice! A much better alternative to meal delivery service in Aiken, stop into Grice’s Butcher Shop today to grab your gourmet to-go dinner tonight!

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