The finest butcher shop in Aiken, and surrounding areas, has teamed up with Chef Jimmy Hicks, a.k.a, the Deft Chef, Aiken’s best caterer, to introduce an amazing new venture to deliver the highest quality food and save families everywhere from the dreaded question, “What’s for dinner?”. Now available at Grice’s Butcher Shop are fresh, gourmet, and delicious meals to-go ready to heat straight from the Chef’s kitchen. Most Aiken residents remember a fantastic little shop by the name of Aiken’s Kitchen fondly. And they will be excited to hear that, although not exactly same, the new partnership between the Deft Chef and Grice’s owner, Ted Groomes, is going to tantalize taste buds once again.

Two Experts at the top of Their Game Team up!

The Deft Chef has been Aiken’s only professionally trained, highly-experienced catering service for over fifteen years. And when you combine that with Ted Grime’s established butcher’s business, that equals nearly four decades of expertise. Grice’s Butcher shop only delivers the highest cuts of beef, chicken, and pork, all USDA certified, and fresh to order. And the Deft Chef’s cuisine has a wide array of different tastes and cuisine styles to wow everyone.

What Type of Cuisine can you Expect?

Jimmy is famous for his earth-shattering She Crab Soup and Cajun flare style, which is his personal favorite. But the menu will reflect tastes of the season, fresh local produce, and the most tender meat selections available. Grice’s Butcher shop will contribute the finest butchered-fresh meats in Aiken so that every meal will be a match made in cuisine-heaven. Also available, will be ala carte side dishes to pair with any of Grice’s grill-able steaks and chops, homemade-fresh and ready for pick up! The menu will be altered from time to time, according to what is in season, what Jimmy can cook up, and customer’s favorites. 

Where can you get These Incredible Meals-to-go?

Ready to serve feasts will be available at Grice’s Butcher shop located at 1014 Pine Log Road, Suite A, Aiken, South Carolina, conveniently located in a refrigerated case. So stop in and pick yours up today. But quantities are limited due to high demand, so come early and plan ahead. That way, you won’t miss out! Copies of the menus and more information will be available via social media @cateringbythedeftchef or visit

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