If you haven’t heard or had a chance yet to drop by Grice’s Butcher Shop to grab a gourmet-to-go dinner, now is the time. Although it is the newest take-out in Aiken, we are not newbies at providing the freshest and tastiest meals available. The gourmet-to-go is a spin off of Aiken’s Kitchen with a new twist; the partnership with Grice’s fresh meats. And it is gaining in popularity so quickly; we are having a hard time keeping the cooler stocked! What our gourmet-to-go dinners offer is something different, a professional chef working with a butcher who believes in only offering the very best cuts. And what that means for you, well…you will have to pick some up to find out how truly spectacular it is!

Our Take-Out in Aiken is the Freshest

All of our meals are refrigerated, never frozen. That means you get oven to table freshness that is already prepared with care and love. Our meals are savory, our recipes are outstanding and one of a kind, and you can be assured that they haven’t been sitting in a freezer waiting for you! Not only do we offer the highest-quality cuts of meats; we use local produce at the peak of ripeness. So, you always get the best of the best!

Gourmet-to-go is Ready When you are

Unlike other take-out in Aiken, our meals are designed for families, not fast food! And you don’t have to worry about calling ahead or reserving your meal for tonight. We keep the refrigerated case stocked so that you can pop in and see what’s for dinner. Although we are just starting and working through the kinks, our mission is always to have enough on hand. If you are concerned, you can call ahead and ask for your meal to be put aside. We aim to accommodate, when possible!

It is Highly Affordable!

Have you ever gone through the fast food drive thru and had sticker shock? Ordering high-fat, super-processed food isn’t as cheap as it used to be. Our meals are all made with your budget in mind. You can feed the entire family for less than those fast food outlets that use super-processed trans-fat foods that have little nutrition and even less taste. In fact, our meals will cost less than if you shop and get all the ingredients you need yourself. And we save you the most important thing, time. That means you can spend evenings with your children talking over the day, instead of rushed trying to get a meal on the table!

Our Take-Out Meals are Ready When Want

Want to get a meal ahead of time and know that you don’t have to rush home to get dinner on the stove? You can take home a dinner today and cook it tomorrow. And the best part is that it will still be fresh, delicious, and the best convenience ever! You don’t have to guess what you will want to eat tomorrow; you can actually plan for it, have it ready, and simply turn your oven on to make it piping hot for everyone!

Take-out in Aiken never tasted so good! Our partnership with Grice’s Butcher Stop is proving to be the best thing to hit Aiken since sliced bread, and much more flavorful. For more information or availability, don’t hesitate to contact us. Since the menu changes periodically, we will do our best to get the word out. But if you ever have a question, we are here to help. One note, Grice’s is closed on Tuesday…but we will be ready and waiting with dinner on-hand the rest of the week! And should you have an event that needs to be catered or need a large quantity of take-out, contact Catering by the Deft Chef directly!

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