When it comes to the holidays, living in South Carolina can be deceiving. With record high temperatures that soar well into the 90s, not many of us have the wherewithal to consider that the holidays are right around the corner. And also that they will be here before you know it. With the holidays comes a rash of parties and corporate catered events. If you want to beat the rush, you have two options; reserve your date for an Augusta corporate caterer now, or consider holding your party ahead of time. There are many reasons to forego the hectic nature of the holiday season and have an early celebration to tell your employees how much you truly appreciate them.

Have Your Event Before the Rush!

It is difficult to get excited about a function if you have about ten that you are trying to manage all at the same time. If you hold your corporate catered event before the bustle of November, then you won’t have to compete with people’s busy schedules. That way, they can sit back, relax, and enjoy some downtime without all the chaos that comes around the holiday season!

You Might Save a Little and Have More Augusta Corporate Caterer Options

The law of supply and demand holds for the holiday season, as well. Things tend to get a little pricier when you are trying to hold an event at the same time as a dozen other corporations. If you have your holiday party mid-holiday season, you can probably save some money. And you can also get an Augusta corporate caterer who isn’t as harried as you are! It is the best of all worlds!

No Lack of Festive for Your Corporate Catered Event!

It might seem like having your corporate event for the holidays before they actually hit is a little lackluster. But the truth is that a corporate event is just like a present. It isn’t about how much you spend or how big and grand it is; it is the thought that counts. And thinking ahead might mean that you put some additional effort into it. Having time to be choosy, pick what you want, and take advantage of the luxury of options is an excellent way to say, “I appreciate you!”.

Fall is Full of Wonderful Flavors

Come winter, produce is not going to be as fresh, or as flavorful as if you hold your corporate catered event in the next month or two. By choosing to have your corporate event early, you can make the most of all the great local root vegetables. And also all the great autumn tastes that are just coming to harvest. You can dress up your event using all-natural fall colors and wow your guests using the best of the local-grown produce!

The holidays are not just around the corner; they are quickly approaching. Now is the time to either book your Augusta corporate catered event for the holiday season, or perhaps to consider holding it ahead of time. Getting people before they are stressed out, their calendar is already full, and when the beautiful autumn colors and tastes are in abundance, might be the best alternative ever! Whichever option you choose, now is the time to act…we are booking up fast! Contact Catering by the Deft Chef today to plan your Augusta corporate catered event today!

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