If you are like most businesses, the holidays are a time of stress and limited funds. Not only do you have to worry about personal gift-giving, but you have to show your clients and employees how much you care by not forgetting something around the Christmas tree for them. One of the best ways to keep people focused and appreciated around the holiday season is by throwing a surprise corporate catered meal. But if your expenses are already expended, you might not have limitless funds. These are the best ideas for cheap corporate catering in Lexington, SC that will still taste just as delicious if you spent a whole lot!

Serve Breakfast, Even if it Isn’t for Breakfast!

Breakfast foods are something that people enjoy around the clock. But if your employees don’t come in until well after they have gotten in their morning cheerios, they won’t mind breakfast for lunch! Breakfast foods are not only high in protein and delicious; they are relatively inexpensive. It only takes a little bit to feed the masses. And having breakfast outside of the usual time is fun too!

Opt for Buffets Over Boxed Lunch

Sure, it is nice to have your corporate catered lunch neatly wrapped and ready to go, but when it comes to cost, a buffet is always going to be less expensive. And since it is around the holidays, having a buffet line will encourage people to mingle and have a little bit more engagement. Although, if you have a small group or a list of picky eaters, then boxed might be the way to go. That way, you won’t have a whole lot of wasted food that people didn’t eat!

Consider Different Cuts of Meat

You want to present an excellent tasting corporate catered lunch for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go with the top of the line cuts of meat. Choosing things like chicken, stews, or vegetarian dishes will not only be a healthier way to go; it will save you money. Picking lesser costing ingredients doesn’t have to lessen the taste, especially not when you have a caterer who knows how to spice things up and make them taste incredible!

Choose Cuisines That are Less Costly

When it comes to corporate catering, it is all about taste. Things like Mexican, Italian, and Indian cuisines are not only cheaper to make; they can stretch a whole lot more than ordering French or Japanese foods! Since it is all in the cost of the ingredients, try to choose those dishes that won’t sacrifice taste, but will be less hard on your budget.

Go Casual…You Don’t Have to Fancy it up!

You can make your holiday corporate catered lunch just as nice without making it all fancy! If you forego the wait staff and let people feed themselves in a buffet style, then you are going to cut costs. Also, a casual affair will allow people to let their hair down and just enjoy the celebration. Let the caterer bring the food, and you do the rest to make it a catered affair that is well within your budget!

The holidays are all about showing the people in your life how much you care. When it comes to your employees, they do so much all year round to support you, why not surprise them with a Lexington, SC holiday corporate catered lunch to lift their holiday spirits and lighten their day. We’ll supply the food if you supply the smiles. Dates are filling up quickly, so make sure to save yours today by contacting Catering by the Deft Chef.

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