It might seem like the holidays are far away, but even though the weather is deceiving us in Aiken, they are right around the corner. If you haven’t given much thought to your corporate holiday event, now is the time! The last thing you want to be left with is no options for venues, menus, or caterers. To find the best holiday corporate caterer near me, look for these four qualities.

They are Professionally Trained

A dirty little secret in the catering world is that anyone can call themselves a caterer with or without any specific training. Training to be a chef requires a lot of time, education, and understanding how flavors are blended to create perfection. If you want to make your corporate catered event spectacular, then find a chef who can do it all. The caterer you hire should be able to devise a one of a kind menu to wow your guests, not the same old, same old meal that everyone has year after year!

They Have Experience

One of the hardest parts of catering to a crowd is in the timing. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you are trying to coordinate dinner for a group. So, when choosing the caterer who is going to handle your corporate party, make sure that they have the experience necessary to reduce the many hiccups that can put a damper into any party event. You don’t want to hire someone who you have to do a lot of hand-holding. With so many other things on your plate, you want someone that you can just point to where everything needs to go, and they got it!

They Have the Right Equipment

Keeping food warm isn’t so difficult during the summer. But when the temperature outside dips, does the caterer have the necessary equipment to keep hot things hot and cold things cold? Not just about food temperatures, do they have the right receptacles to collect dirty dishes, plates, and silverware? Those are all things that you might not be thinking about. But you don’t want to find out the answer is no when the plates start to mount with nowhere to go the night of the event. The caterer you hire is there to make the night go smoothly. And they should have already considered all the things that you shouldn’t have to. Only then can they make the night go off without a hitch.

They Treat you as a Priority

Make sure to hire someone who understands that they might have many gigs this holiday season, but that you only have one. And as such, your event is important to you, and it should also be to them. If they aren’t willing to give you the time to sit down and talk through your concerns, then they aren’t very concerned about making your event just how you want it. If you can’t nail down the details before the big day, you probably won’t the day of! Choose your corporate holiday caterer according to how responsive they are to your needs from start to finish.

Although the holidays might seem a ways away, don’t wait to find a corporate caterer near me! If you do, then your options are going to be very limited, and your satisfaction might be even more so. At Catering by the Deft Chef, we have the experience, training, and equipment necessary to make your event as spectacular as you can dream. But hurry fast…our holiday dates are filling up quickly. So, contact us today!

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