The holidays are not only a busy time of the year; they are expensive too. Your employees are probably looking forward to the annual holiday party that lets them know how much they are appreciated, but you might not be looking forward to a costly affair. The good news is that you can organize your holiday catering without spending a fortune if you make wise options. There are many ways to curb your spending that won’t sacrifice taste or give a poor impression. These are just some tips I have learned from experience that people love, and that also won’t break the bank.

Schedule Your Holiday Catering During the Day

A night time affair is almost always going to be more costly. When you start your event early, it won’t go on until the wee hours of the night, which typically leads to a bigger bar bill! And lunch food tends to be less expensive than a full course dinner. Your guests will also appreciate that they still have the evening to make plans when you have the party early enough during such a busy time of the year.

Consider Buffet-Style

Buffet style meals are usually less expensive than plated affairs. Not only do they not require the same amount of staff and clean up, but there is also just less cost involved than preparing individual dinners. Another awesome benefit of buffet style is that it gives your employees more time to mingle and enjoy one another’s company instead of sitting next to the same eight people throughout the entire event! And you won’t have a whole lot of leftovers that no one will ever touch. People choose for themselves what they want on their plate instead of what is served to them that they might or might not want.

Choose Lower Costs Foods

One of our favorite types of buffets to serve a large crowd is a pasta bar. After all, there aren’t many people who don’t love pasta! Choose foods that are relatively inexpensive to both prepare and to purchase. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. Our customers choose our pasta bar, even when they aren’t on a budget, because it is that much of an overall crowd-pleaser.

Consider a Cash Bar

There is nothing cheap appearing about considering a cash bar for your affair. Most of the expense of an evening affair is in alcohol consumption. There is nothing wrong with asking people to pay per drink. Not only will it cut back on your overall cost, but it will also cut back on what your employees drink. That is always a good idea when having an office party to avoid the inevitable morning-after remorse.

If you are looking forward to having a holiday catering party to say thank you to your employees, but not looking forward to the large bill that typically comes with it, there are ways to cut costs. I’ve been doing this for many years and have found ways to work within whatever budget you can afford. I also have the experience to make it a cost-friendly affair that looks just as expensive as if you went over the top. Contact us today to save the date for your holiday catering, just make sure to act fast, dates are filling up quickly!

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