If it feels like you blinked and the holidays are here again, you are not alone! And if you didn’t get a chance to schedule to have a Christmas party for your employees, you might be left looking like a Scrooge. But it doesn’t take a large reception to say thank you to those who work so diligently year-round. A simple careered lunch is enough to let them know you care. And the benefits to a corporate catered lunch are numerous! The problem is that only experienced professionals are comfortable being a last-minute caterer in Augusta! Luckily, the Deft Chef is one of them. 

Four main benefits of hiring a last-minute caterer lunch

It is Less Intrusive for Everyone

Sure, a night out is nice, but around the holidays most people’s calendars are filled. If you had planned a night affair, there is a good chance that most people would have had preengagements. Or worse, you would have had to have it during the week, which does nothing for next day productivity. A last-minute caterer for lunch is an excellent way to feed everyone some super awesome food when they need it most.

It is Less Expensive to hire a last-minute caterer

Not only do you not have to hire a catering staff for an evening affair, which can be costly, but you also have to rent a venue. And venues come with not only a whole lot of expense, but also a lot of planning, time, and cost. Everyone appreciates having their lunch taken care of and it costs about a fraction of having a catered Christmas party after hours will. That extra money you save would be much more appreciated in the form of a bonus!

It Tells Everyone you Appreciate Them

Nothing is better than a Christmas surprise! But, nothing is surprising about having to plan a sitter and head to a night event. But when it is time to consider what’s for lunch and you announce that you’ve got it covered, you will have a whole lot of happy people in your office. No one is going to complain about having to take their bag lunch home uneaten after a long day.

It Builds Morale

A last-minute caterer will help to build morale in your office. The holidays are hectic for everyone, and although fun, they can really turn up the stress on people’s personal life. Allow them to take a break for just a couple hours and release some anxiety. Also, when you give them time to engage, you build relationships that will help to foster team building and kindness not just during the holiday season, but throughout the entire year!

If the holidays snuck up on you this year, you are not alone! But don’t let the chance to spread good will be lost on your employees. There is still time for a last-minute caterer in Augusta to plan a wonderful holiday corporate lunch that will fill everyone with cheer! Dates are filling up quickly, however, so make sure to you reach out to the Deft Chef to discuss your corporate catered lunch today!

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