Getting engaged is one of the most memorable moments in life, and so are the days following up to your wedding. One of the biggest hurdles I see with couples I sit down with is that they get so caught up on the little details, they lose sight of the big picture. What’s the big picture? Your wedding day is not a show for everyone else; it’s a time to commit and celebrate for the two of you. The biggest mistake you can make is putting yourself into debt planning your wedding. So, I thought I would share the tips on the best ways to cut costs on wedding planning. And they can all be done without sacrificing anything that truly matters. 

Consider Having Your Ceremony on Another day Than Saturday

Most people think that a wedding ceremony has to be held on a Saturday. You can have a wedding on Friday or even a Sunday reception, and not only save a lot of money; but also make it no less beautiful. If you have your wedding on a Friday night you will be able to have more choice for venue availability. And you also won’t have to worry about picking up the cost to entertain everyone from out of town on Friday. And a Sunday reception is no less fun or elegant. The bar bill on a Sunday afternoon might be slightly less too!

Try a Buffet-Style Wedding to cut Costs on Wedding Planning

If you plan a buffet-style wedding on a budget; it does not mean that the food will be any less delicious or less upscale. Having a buffet allows people to choose what they want to eat, and it also means more mingling and engagement among the guests. And you won’t have to pay for, or stress over, place table settings and place cards. When you let people go through a buffet line, you take the stress off of your guests and yourself. That’s a win-win! 

Down Play Those Things That People Won’t Remember

The best way to cut costs on wedding planning is to take stock of the last couple of weddings you went to. Did you take stock of the floral arrangements? Do you remember if they had gift bags for everyone? Quite likely you remember two things; the food and whether people were having fun or not. Focus on those things that both you and your guests will remember after the bouquet has been caught. When you worry more appearances, the memories you will probably have of your special day are stress and money spent. 

Invite People who you Want to Share YOUR day With

We all have obligations in life; inviting people to your wedding need not be one. If you choose to have a small intimate wedding, then you won’t get stuck in the “if I invite her, I have to invite her” mentality that can grow the list exponentially. Don’t worry about who will be upset if they aren’t invited. That is on them, not you. If you keep the guest list small, it will also mean that you can actually spend time with the people who mean the most. 

Don’t Start Planning too Early

Sure, starting with enough time to book the most important things like the caterer and the venue is both necessary and beneficial. But if you allow yourself too much time, it will be easy to get lost in the small details and sign on for more than if you plan within a short time frame. My advice is to either start planning and have an end date to be done that is not the actual day. Or, book your venue and caterer and then put it out of your mind until things have to get done. Boundless amounts of time usually come with boundless budgets. 

Weddings used to be a celebration of two people committing their love to one another. Nowadays, I think some of the original intent gets lost in the planning and details. If you want to cut costs on wedding planning, remember what it is really about, and what you want to remember about your special day. Try to downplay what you think everyone else is expecting. If you enjoy yourself, other people will too. And the memories you all will have is the love that you shared with everyone around. Let Catering by the Deft Chef help you through the planning of your wedding day, and provide you with all that you truly need to make it the best day of your life. Contact us today to save your date!

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