Even if you’ve planned plenty of parties before, weddings are a completely different story. There are so many things that need to be considered, it can start to feel a bit overwhelming. The best way to get through it is by going through the steps properly so that things seem more manageable and also to keep in the flow of things. The key to your wedding planning begins with choosing the right wedding venue in Aiken to work with. Once that decision is made, the rest will seem to fall in line. But, which wedding venue is right for your taste? Consider these factors to narrow the field.

 Outdoor or Indoor?

One of the best parts of living in Aiken is the great outdoors. There aren’t many places in the US where tepid weather is the norm year-round. But as anyone who lives here knows, the spring can be temperamental, presenting stormy and humid conditions one day and delightful the next. Depending on the time of year you choose to have your wedding, holding it outdoors can be spectacular. But, bear in mind that it could present a whole lot of problems if the weather doesn’t cooperate. If you are going to have an outdoor wedding, make sure to find a venue that can accommodate your guests if things outside get too tumultuous.

Large Versus Small

Before you start to look for a venue, it is important to consider how many guests you will likely have. The guest list can start small and begin to grow as your wedding planning goes along. Sit down with your significant other and think about how many people you have on your lists. Once combined, you should expect a minimum of 20% to not be in attendance. But don’t cut the wedding venue size too short just in case. You want to have an appropriately sized venue, by choosing one that is neither too limiting, nor one that makes your wedding feel as if there are a lot of people missing. Set your guest list to a limit and then start to look around for a place to hold your beautiful day.

In-House Catering or Bringing Someone in

There are advantages to both bringing in a caterer and using an in-house one depending on the venue you choose. Some wedding venues in Aiken will insist that you use their on-site caterer, while others will not have the option and it will be up to you to find someone to cater your wedding dinner. If you choose a wedding venue and they don’t have a caterer, then ask for a list of referrals. The wedding venue you choose quite likely has worked with caterers in Aiken. And they will have the experience to know who does it right, and who might not do such a good job.

What is Your Budget?

What I tell my couples at the start is setting a budget and sticking to it is one of the most essential ways to plan a wedding. If you just guesstimate and don’t have a concrete figure in mind, weddings can start to grow in size and scope. And before you know it, things can get out of control. So before you choose which venue to book for your special day, make sure that you can afford it. And remember, the wedding venue is only a part of the cost. Don’t discount all the other things that will factor into your wedding planning budget.

At Catering by the Deft Chef, we have worked with just about every wedding venue in Aiken and Augusta and are proud to say that we come highly recommended. If you choose us, we can help you find the perfect atmosphere to hold your wedding and we have a list of our own recommendations to house your wedding celebration. Contact us today for some help in planning your wedding from finding the best wedding venue down to the very last detail.

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