If you are like me, you are opening email after email from companies who are talking about their response to COVID-19. I thought that I would put my two cents in. But I am going to take a different angle. Over the years, I have seen many things that our community has had to endure and face, like hurricane fears and ice storms. And the one thing that we have, that not many others do in the face of crisis, is a calmness and a sense of responsibility for one another.

There are Many Things to Celebrate During This Difficult Time

When I go to the grocery stores in and around Aiken, I don’t witness people hoarding toilet paper and scurrying around taking the last of the last. What I see is people still stopping to smile and to help one another. Just yesterday saw a young man helping an elderly woman to her car with her many groceries, not standing six feet away out of fear and panic, but carrying on as if life is okay. That, to me, is highly commendable, and something that we should celebrate.

Aiken is not just a town, it is a home, and that is something that mass hysteria can’t take away. All across the country people are shutting themselves in and putting their neighbor at a distance. But not here, we are pulling together to comfort one another, reaching out to provide shelter, and rolling up our sleeves to care for everyone. And I see it, I hope you see and acknowledge it, and I only wish the rest of the nation could have what we have.

The Stress of Social Distancing and Home Schooling

So as we venture into the first week of “social distancing” and home schooling (yes moms and dads, I feel for you), let us be reminded that tough times should always bring out the best in us and show us our blessings instead of being overcome by worst case scenario. Our community will make it through this unscathed and better for having endured it. 

Our efforts at Catering by the Deft Chef are focusing on helping those of you who have way too much on your plate. We understand that grocery shopping has become more stressful and that you can only eat so much fast food. So we have extended our take out menu at Gourmet to Go.

Stocking the Shelves to Deliver a Home Cooked Meal

We will do our best to keep the shelves at Grice’s Butcher Shop stocked so that you can deliver a home meal without all the hardship. We will also offer delivery from 3-6 for orders of $100 or more, and just ask that you give us a two-hour window. And you can also contact us for special orders, please just give us 24-hour notice. If you have questions or to place an order call us at (803) 643.9696. As always, I am blessed to call Aiken my home…

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