Your Clear Choice for Catering in Lexington

If you are hosting a wedding, private event, or special occasion, we are the clear choice due to our skill level, experience, and training! Whether it is a small affair or a grand one with hundreds of people, we can do it all! We specialize in eclectic tastes, seasonal flavors, and local favorites to provide something for every palate. We are one of the few classically trained private chef services in Lexington that serves up everything with heart. Our mission is to make your occasion the best possible!

Upscale and Scalable Wedding Catering 

The one takeaway that most guests have after the wedding party is over is the memory of the cuisine. It is also the best way to set the ambiance and theme of your wedding day. At Catering by the Deft Chef, we cater weddings in Lexington of all sizes and styles. From backyard casual BBQ rehearsal dinners to upscale sit-down plated ones, you can rest assured that we will help to make your wedding a fond memory for all and to help everyone leave with a full belly!

Corporate Catering in Lexington is Our Specialty

Small businesses are tasked with the challenge of not only finding talent but also retaining it! One perk that will keep your team motivated, productive, and positive is to hold corporate catered luncheons regularly. It is an excellent way to say “I care” and “I appreciate you” all in one. Whether you are looking for sandwiches to grab and go or a buffet-style setting, we can do it all. Once more, we keep your employees happy and loyal!

 A Lexington Private Chef Affair to Remember 

Although most people think about catering as something that is only to serve a crowd, our private chef services in Lexington are tailored to make every meal a spectacular one. Whether you want to spend time reconnecting with your partner or you want to feed a party of hundreds, we have the skill to offer a tailored cuisine of any size with perfection. We make sure that your affair makes the best and most lasting impression on your guests!

Charcuterie Boards in Lexington to Remember

Charcuterie boards are not new, but they have come a long way over the past several years. Boards of all sizes and assortments are an excellent way to provide extra flavors for wine pairings and to please every taste preference. When possible, we use local produce, jams, jellies, and chutney, and we’re always trying out new flavor concoctions so you get something exciting and new every day of the week!

Catering for Masters Week Held Right Here in Lexington 

One of the biggest advantages of living in the Lexington area is that you get a front-row seat to Masters Week. But that can also mean that you have to find someone to cater your Masters Week party. We have the skill to provide finger foods for all or large sit-down affairs that are a hole in one. Whether you want to put out various charcuterie boards of meat and cheese to pick from or have everyone leaving stuffed, we’ll ensure that your Masters party is the best ever, and in the true tradition of Southern charm and hospitality.

Special Diets, Restrictions, and Trends Are Our Specialty

Nowadays, it seems like many people have dietary restrictions and food allergies. Just one cross-contamination can be a huge deal and hazardous to your guests! If you have any dietary concerns, allergy issues, or foods that you would like to stay away from, we can tailor your catering in Lexington to make sure all of your guests are fed well, without sacrifice.

If you are hosting a wedding, special event, or intimate dinner party in Lexington, we are a clear choice for all things catering. From charcuterie board greatness to finger foods that are fresh and local, we strive to make every meal a special occasion. Contact us today and let’s work together to build something spectacular!

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