5 Benefits of Catered Lunches for Employers Revealed

Are you one of the many small business owners feeling the sting of low motivation from your employees? Why not try something that will benefit both you and them? Having regularly catered lunches for your employees can be a great way to show appreciation and boost productivity. These are just six reasons that you will crush it this summer by hiring our corporate caterer in Lexington company!

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Everyone loves food, and what better way to show appreciation than by providing delicious, free meals! When employees feel valued, they are more productive and engaged. Plus, when lunch is taken care of, there’s one less worry on their plate. Once more, they won’t have to waste time in transit to and from fast food. They can enjoy a real break instead of fighting traffic to get back on time!

More Time Dedicated to Work

Eating out at restaurants or getting takeout every day during lunch can be time-consuming and expensive. Catering eliminates the need for workers to leave the office in search of food, so they can stay focused on work tasks during their break times. It also means that you can schedule “working lunches” where everyone can dig in and dig up some creativity together.

A Healthier Workplace

Our corporate caterer in Lexington company offers healthier meal options such as salads, soups, and wraps that are lower in fat and calories than fast food or takeout options. Providing nutritious meals can help improve employee health. That will help boost morale and decrease sick days lost to illness or fatigue.

Hiring A Corporate Caterer in Lexington Can Improve Your Brand Image

Offering catered lunches shows that you value your employees and care about their well-being. That reflects positively on your brand image with both current employees as well as potential hires. It also sends a message that you’re willing to invest in improving the workplace environment and keeping your workers satisfied with their jobs. When your employees are happy, you are much happier making it a happiness fest!

A Stress Reliever

Lunchtime should be a time when everyone can relax without worrying about what they are going to eat or where they are going to find it. Having regular corporate catered lunches helps alleviate some of this stress so everyone can enjoy their break times guilt free! It also produces mood-enhancing vibes that keep everyone positive and on track to crush it this summer!

Regularly catered lunches from our corporate caterer in Lexington company are becoming increasingly popular among businesses large and small as employers realize just how beneficial they can be! Not only does a catered lunch provide an opportunity for increased employee satisfaction, but it also offers several practical benefits such as better time management, improved health in the workplace, more dedicated work time, and so much more! Ready to chase the summer slumps away? Contact our corporate caterer in Lexington company to get started today!