Bad Luck? No Way! Hack to Save Your Rainy Day Wedding

When you dream about your wedding day, you probably imagine a beautiful outdoor ceremony with the sun shining down on you and your guests. But what happens if it starts raining? While this might seem like a disaster, there are still ways to make sure that your outdoor wedding goes off without a hitch – even if it’s raining cats and dogs! Here are five tips for saving a rainy day wedding outdoors from our wedding catering company!

1. Embrace the Weather

There’s no need to sulk when it rains on your wedding day! Instead, embrace the weather by bringing fun umbrellas or raincoats for everyone to enjoy. Not only will this help keep everyone dry; it’ll add some unique flair to your photos. Plus, there’s something so romantic about standing in the rain together that can’t be recreated indoors! 

2. Have an Indoor Option

If you want to have an outdoor ceremony despite the rain, it’s always a good idea to have an indoor option. That way, when the rain comes, you can all move indoors. And if grandma and gramps aren’t too keen about singing in the rain, they can view the festivities from inside.

3. Move Your Reception Inside

If you had planned for an outdoor reception as well as an outdoor ceremony and it’s raining on your special day, don’t panic! You can still make sure that your guests stay dry by moving the reception indoors and adding decorations that match the theme of your original plans. This way, everybody will be able to enjoy themselves without getting drenched in the rain! 

4. Put Some Thought into Your Shoes

If you’re planning on having an outdoor ceremony despite inclement weather conditions, then make sure that you put some thought into what shoes everyone is wearing! If you go with heels or dress shoes that aren’t waterproof, then they might get ruined by all of the mud and rain puddles. Opt for waterproof boots or sandals instead—it’ll help keep everyone’s feet dry while still looking stylish for photos!  

5. Take Advantage of Technology

Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of technology when planning a rainy-day wedding outdoors! Whether it’s setting up speakers near where guests will be seated or streaming video of the ceremony online so others who couldn’t attend can join in, there are lots of ways technology can help. By using it, everyone can share in this special moment regardless of whether or not they’re present at your event!  

Rainy days don’t have to ruin weddings held outdoors. They just require some extra planning ahead of time and some creative problem solving during the event itself. These five tips will save your special day so it doesn’t get washed away. Despite the bad weather conditions, it will remain just as beautiful as you had originally envisioned it! So grab those umbrellas and galoshes and get ready for a memorable (and maybe even romantic) rainy-day wedding outdoors! Contact our wedding catering company today to reserve your special date!