Six Creative Ways to Cut Down Your Wedding Guest List 

The guest list for your wedding can be a tricky thing. You want to include everyone you care about, but the cost of feeding and accommodating all of those people can quickly add up. Is there a way to keep costs down without cutting out important people from your guest list? These are six creative trips that will help you reduce the number of guests without offending anyone compiled from our wedding caterer in Augusta expert!

The “+1 Rule”

If you don’t know someone, they don’t get to bring a plus one. This is an easy way to cut down on numbers quickly. If someone is married, engaged, or living with their partner, then they get to bring them. Anything beyond that, it’s up to you who gets an extra invite. 

The “Close Friends & Family Only” Rule

Let your guests know that space is limited and only close friends and family are invited in order to keep the event intimate. Most people will understand if they don’t make the cut. They will likely be thankful for the heads up so they aren’t expecting an invitation in the mail. 

The “No Kids Rule”

You can easily avoid seating issues by having an adults-only wedding. This doesn’t mean excluding everyone with children from your guest list. It means you ask kindly that they leave their kids at home with a babysitter for the day! You can also apply this rule when it comes to other family members, like cousins or nieces and nephews who may not be as close to you as your siblings or parents are. 

Offer Virtual Invites

Create a hashtag for your wedding day ahead of time so all of your far away friends and family can follow along online! This is also a great way to share photos of your special day afterwards with loved ones who couldn’t join you in person. With COVID behind us, there are still some things that we want to keep like going virtual for everyone to join!

The “Destination Wedding” Trick

A destination wedding is often cheaper than hosting one at home due to reduced venue costs (let alone travel expenses). Invite only immediate family members and very close friends whose company you would most enjoy while on vacation! Living so close to the beach means that you can hire a wedding caterer in Augusta and take the show on the road.

The “Just Us Two” Trick

Just elope! Of course, no one should feel obligated to have a huge wedding if it’s not what makes sense for them financially or emotionally. Do what’s best for you two! After all, at the end of the day it’s about celebrating love between two people. You could always host a party later on down the road once finances allow if wanted (or needed!).  

No matter how big or small your budget may be, there are ways around having too many guests on your special day. And you can do so without leaving out important people from your guest list. From virtual invites to destination weddings, there are plenty of creative tricks that will help ensure everyone feels included but won’t break the bank in doing so! Consider these options when making decisions about who should come celebrate with you on one of life’s most memorable days. For more great tips, tricks, and advice from our caterer in Augusta, check out our website!