Quick Tips to Cut Costs on Your Graduation Party

It’s that time of year again, only things are slightly different and a little more complex. With the cost of living on the rise, so is the grocery bill – but your child has worked so hard making it to graduation day that it would be a shame not to reward them by celebrating with friends and family. These are some tips from our graduation catering in Augusta experts for a party on a budget without sacrifice!

Forego the Invitations

Remember when the ambiance and theme of a party started with the niceties of the invitations? Nowadays, spending money on sending hand-printed invitations via snail-mail is not only a waste; there is the potential that some very important people might not get it in time. If you send your invitation via email, you can make sure that you have everyone’s address without searching and do it in minutes, instead of wasting time and money stamping and licking. It is time to do away with some things, and paper invitations are one of them. Be green, go paperless, and save money too!

Have Your Party at Home

Sure, you want to give them the grandest party ever, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to rent out the most expensive venue in town. Your backyard or entertaining space is enough to put on a real show. You’ve spent the last twelve years doing homework, eating, and getting them off to school all from home, so it is fitting that it is a perfect venue to say “Goodbye.” The best part is you can toast your graduate and not have to drive anywhere, which means more fun for you!

Hire a Graduation Catering in Augusta Company!

Although most people think that catering is more expensive than doing it yourself, when it comes to the rising cost of food, you might actually save money by having us cater it! Often, when people make food on their own, they either buy too much or don’t buy enough. Either way, you are going to be scrambling and spending a lot of money that you might not have to. We are experts at working within your budget to throw the best darn party ever. Our expertise allows us to cut food costs without sacrifice!

Cut Down the Guest List to Cut Catering in Augusta Costs!

It has been a long hard road to get your child to graduation, so you should be commended. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to invite everyone that they met along the way. By having a more intimate affair, you can allow people to really mingle and spend time with those who are most important instead of overloading your graduate with guests they might not even know. Keep it small, keep it simple, and your graduate will thank you!

Hit the Dollar Stores!

I know, I know, the dollar store is no longer a thing – prices have risen! Although it is now the $1.25 store, that still means that you are paying very little for your paper products. Another outlet that offers great savings on really beautiful throw-away serving trays, dishes, and silverware is Tuesday Morning. The key is to get it as inexpensively as possible. Remember, it is THROW-away, so there is no return on investing in fine dining wear!

Graduation Season is Expensive

The worst part about graduation is that everyone does it at once. There are likely many people in your world who are going to be having parties at the same time. Cut back on your expenses around graduation time by buying gift cards in bulk. Sam’s Club and Costco offer gift cards at significant savings by buying several at once. After all, what does a graduate want more than some extra cash to spend when they are away?
As graduation season approaches, many parents are feeling the sting of having to say goodbye. Focus on the graduation celebration part of it and enjoy it while it lasts by using these quick tips to throw a graduation party on a budget from our graduation catering company in Augusta. Contact us today and we will work hard to keep your party bill at a minimum!