Can Guests Wear White to a Wedding? A Quick Guide to Wedding Etiquette 

You’re planning for the big day and you want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. But what about wedding etiquette? What are the rules? Although tradition doesn’t seem as important as it did decades ago, there are still things that are a go, while others are a no-no! These are the answers you need to know from our wedding caterer in Lexington!

Is wearing white still not acceptable as a guest? 

The short answer is yes—wearing white is still considered taboo at weddings. The bride usually wears a white dress or gown, so it’s best to avoid any confusion by sticking with colors other than white. However, if you’re attending an informal wedding, like a beach or backyard ceremony, this rule may not apply. 

Should I bring a gift to an engagement party? 

Yes! An engagement party is an important occasion where people typically bring presents. If you don’t know what to get, consider giving the couple something they can use in their home such as kitchenware or housewares. Alternatively, you could give them something thoughtful that reflects their personalities or interests like art prints or tickets to a show they’d love. 

How much money do I give as a wedding gift? 

It’s always nice to give a monetary gift for the newlyweds’ special day but there is no set amount required. It depends on your budget and relationship with the couple. Generally speaking though, it’s appropriate to give an amount that reflects how much of your budget you can realistically afford – from $50-$100 for friends and colleagues up to $200-$300 for close family members. In the end, it is the thought that counts!

Do I have to RSVP if I’m not attending? 

Yes! Even if you cannot attend the event, it’s still important that you let the bride and groom know via RSVP card or email so they can plan accordingly. Your response will also help them determine how many people will actually be attending. That way, they can ensure there will be enough food and drinks for everyone! 

Should I tip my wedding caterer in Lexington? 

Tipping is always appreciated. Whether or not it’s required depends on your contract with your caterer. Some contracts may include gratuity whereas others might not require tipping at all. If gratuity isn’t in the contract, then it would be polite (and customary) to tip 10-15% of your total catering bill at the end of the night in cash. Just make sure your caterer accepts tips before doing so! 

Can I wear casual clothes like shorts or flip flops?

This ultimately comes down to what type of event it is and what type of dress code has been set by the couple – some weddings may be more formal while others could be more relaxed; however, generally speaking it’s best practice (especially as a guest!) to err on the side of caution and dress appropriately for whatever type of event you are attending. So stick with dark pants/skirts/dresses and closed-toe shoes unless otherwise stated! 

Planning for your big day can often come with an array of questions – especially when it comes to wedding etiquette! The good news is that it is your special day so you can care less about what others want and care about and more about what you want. If there are things that you are hard and stern about, let others know. If you are a “everything goes,” then go for it! At Catering by the Deft Chef, our mission is to have things just as you like them. Etiquette or not, we cater to your every whim! Contact our wedding caterer in Lexington experts to reserve your date today!