Wedding Season is Almost Here – Ways to Save on Your Wedding Catering Costs


Spring is in the air, and soon the wedding season will be in full swing! If you are trying to tie your budget down for tying the knot, you might be seeking ways to save on your wedding catering costs. Quite arguably, one of the biggest takeaways your guests will have is the food you serve. So it is important to temper going less expensive with going cheap. Cheap typically gets you exactly what you pay for. But if you are looking to cut your wedding costs, try these simple changes that won’t change the quality of the food or your guest’s enjoyment.

Consider Buffet-Style 

Traditionally, weddings tend to have plated dinners. But you don’t have to go with the status quo to throw a really great party. In fact, doing things like everyone else will do nothing to set your wedding apart from the rest. A buffet-style dinner allows people to choose what and how much they want to eat. It also gives them more time to mingle and meet new people, which always enhances the atmosphere of your event. A plated dinner might be more formal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a buffet catered wedding can’t be just as elegant.

Use Local Growers

Although most people think that using local grocers for your catered food is more expensive, often, it is less. And the biggest benefit is that you will get the freshest produce possible. Local growers don’t have the expense of moving their products from store to store; they deliver it farm-fresh. That means less shipping costs and also that you get seasonal food at the peak of ripeness. As we head into the spring and summer months, check out local farmers and see what type of break they might be able to work out with your wedding caterer. It is one of the best ways save on your wedding catering costs.

Go for Less Expensive Cuts of Meat

Sure, we would all like to serve filet mignon at our wedding. But the reality is that the real way to get quality meat doesn’t reside in just the cut that you choose. Regardless of the meat selection, if it isn’t cooked to perfection, it isn’t going to be tasty. So, consider downplaying the high-end cuts and choose a caterer who has the culinary experience, along with catering expertise, to make sure that whether you choose beef or chicken, it tastes as good as possible!

Downplay the Cake?

 Wedding cake used to be a huge deal when it came to a wedding. But I want you to think about the last time you went to a wedding and saw the cake, or perhaps even tasted it? Wedding cakes can be extremely expensive. And although they are a tradition that you might want to do away with, consider some other way to give people their sugar-fix. Now is a great time of year to consider using fresh fruits and going a little less formal than an expensive cake. It might seem like a small detail, but all those small details tend to add up to a significant amount, if not curtailed!

Disposable Can be Just as Elegant in Certain Settings

If you are having an outdoor wedding, consider using disposable products in lieu of traditional china plates. Not only will it save labor costs for your wedding caterer; it will mean a lot less clean up for everyone. White paper durable plates are nothing but a canvas for the amazing colors and tastes that are put on them, so why pay more? If you are having a destination or outdoor wedding, it might be even more appropriate to forego the formality of glass!

You want to keep costs low for your wedding, but you don’t want to cross over into cheap! There are ways to save on your wedding catering without sacrificing taste or elegance. At the Deft Chef, we understand that your budget is not limitless. And we work with each of our wedding couples to provide the best cuisine possible, at a cost that won’t put you into debt. Our expertise in the wedding catering business makes us a great resource for planning your wedding or corporate event. Contact us today to discuss the many ways we work to accommodate our clients!