Wedding Themes for the Renewed Rush to the Altar

As we joyfully await the return of pre-pandemic conditions around the nation, there are many blessings to reflect on. Although it was a challenging time for us all, the one silver lining is that there is a collective desire to reunite with friends and family and to make up for all of the events that we had to put on hold while we were practicing social distancing or staying isolated due to shutdowns. One industry that is coming alive with fervor is the wedding industry. All those patient brides and grooms who had to put their plans by the wayside are jumping at the chance to tie the knot. Unfortunately, wedding venues are already full and not getting any less so, making wedding themes a must.

Overcoming the Rush to the Altar

With a rush to the alter, however, comes limited availability for venues, caterers, and other wedding professionals. The good news is that you can say your nuptials and enjoy your celebration without sacrifice if you are willing to get a little creative. 20 years from now you can recall the day you got married, and it will certainly be a tale to tell from postponement to the innovative way you chose to say “I do”. Consider these unique themes to have your wedding day the day you always dreamed of, just slightly different, but no less amazing!

Southern Wedding Themes

If there is one advantage to living in the South it is that there is always something in bloom and the weather is tepid most of the year. Instead of holding your ceremony and reception in a stuffy wedding hall, make the great outdoors your decor. A romantic garden wedding has both elegance and class, with romanticism mixed in. Think wildflowers and lacy outdoor tablecloths. Not only will you have a night to remember dancing under the stars; you can make it as floral as you want, and it will cost you very little if you choose the perfect spot.

Woodland Bound

If you are an adventure-seeker who can’t get enough of hiking cliffs and wooded forests, why not hold your reception in the wildernes? It doesn’t take much to set the stage in a forested area and use the beauty and serenity around you for a backdrop. There are many great parks and recreational spots in and around the Augusta and Aiken area to set the stage for an amazing wedding ceremony followed by dinner, drinks, and dancing.

Vintage Travel

So you aren’t able to have the destination wedding of your dreams. Why not have a vintage travel theme for your reception? Set up things like old cameras and suitcases in true vintage style to use for decor. Add guest books at the table and even consider designing a wedding cake in the shape of a cruise ship for your faux bon voyage. Who says you have to leave the country for ambiance – name your seating according to different romantic places and have everyone dreaming big!

Tropical Paradise

If a beach wedding isn’t feasible due to limitations and constraints, then bring the beach feeling to your ceremony. Use different shades of white, incorporate seashells into your design, and don’t forget the sea turtles. Sure, you can’t wade your feet in the ocean. But you can certainly throw on some sunglasses and serve Pina Coladas all day long!


For the beer-loving couple, Octoberfest is upon us. If you can’t plan it this year, think about next. October is one of the prettiest times of the year with the best weather, hands down. Have a beer truck with your favorite microbrews for your guests to taste. Who doesn’t want to spend the day dancing to a band end enjoying some German fare?

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is an American favorite celebration because it is always fun to hide your identity. It also allows you to throw caution to the wind and just have fun. Have your guests come in masks and supply beads to each of them. It is fun to try to guess who is behind the mask. Make sure to give an award to the family member or friend who puts the most energy into dressing up.


The reason that people love the renaissance era is that it was a time of romance, music, and debauchery. Have your guests dress up in costumes from the era and join in the festivities. No little black dresses allowed, just fantasy and fun times!

If COVID has forced us to do anything, it is to be creative and think outside of the box. When it comes to tradition, it might just be time to make your own. If you aren’t willing to wait for the wedding venues to clear all the weddings that had to be postponed to get to yours, or you just realize that money is best spent on the fine details, ditch the high-priced sit-down and do it your way. At the Deft Chef, we are a full-service catering company that loves a challenge. Let us help you create wedding themes that you will remember forever and so will everyone lucky enough to attend. Contact us to reserve your date today!